Setting a deck budget… And how about that design!

So you’re thinking about adding a new deck, or replacing an existing deck that has outlived it’s welcome. This is the perfect opportunity to improve not only the value of your house, but the comfort of your home.

See, here’s the thing. A deck can be a simple box,and that’s not wrong, but with a little bit of thought, it could be so much more. But this isn’t about deck design (at least this entry) it’s about budget. However, your budget will drive your design, so a few simple questions should be considered.

Whenever I meet with a new client to talk about designing a deck, we spend some time talking about how they plan to use the deck, before we get to the dollars and cents. If you don’t ever picture using the deck- it’s just simple access, or you need SOMETHING there in order to sell the house, then we will want to look at designing the simplest and most affordable deck that will safely accomplish those goals. I mean, after all, why have an 800sq. ft. Deck, if you only need a 16sq. ft. landing!?

OK, so you need more than a landing with a set of steps… This is actually something you and your family are going to use.

Again, your intended use of the new deck will drive the design, which will help to determine the project budget. Simply put, the more “rooms” of your house the deck will replicate, the more $$ you will need to allocate to the project, in order to meet your needs. Want a big outdoor dining room, with a separate sitting area, and perhaps a built-in kitchen? Then not only will we need to set aside some space, but we will need a proper budget as well.

Ah, yes… The dreaded budget. Stay tuned for some facts, figures, and numbers!


About BreyerConstruct
Hi! I'm a deck designer that works with our small family-owned residential remodeling company. I've found that the industry of decks is growing quickly, and there are a TON of new products introduced each year, and many new rules to go along with them. Unfortunately, there are some poor quality products out there as well (not to mention unscrupulous builders!). I enjoy researching products- getting to know the manufactures and "cutting edge" innovation of this industry, and I have found that this passion for the Deck industry has allowed me to better serve our client's needs... which brings me personal satisfaction.

One Response to Setting a deck budget… And how about that design!

  1. Matt, you are so dead on with this. It’s important for the homeowner to let the deck designer what the deck needs to “do” for them, so the deck design can be functional. We always design first and worry about cost later which sounds odd to some people, but design and functionality should drive the investment.

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