Gate Thoughts for Your New Deck…

As a deck designer I frequently get all sorts of special requests from our clients, but one of the most common requests is to install a gate on a deck.

Typically a gate is added for security, to keep pets or kids on the deck and away from the steps, but a gate can also be added to improve privacy or as a fashion statement.

When considering a gate for a deck, consider first the “needs”: should this have a child-proof latch, be self-closing, or rated for pool access?

Trex Deck Pool Gate

Custom Pool Deck

This deck needs a gate

While it may be required because of the location or client’s needs, it’s important to consider as well the location of the gate and operation-will it create an inconvenience when open (blocking travel, or opening over the steps)?

Gate at deck steps

Once you know what a gate “has to” do, it is worth considering what you’d like the gate to look like. Should it perfectly match the deck’s rail?

Matching Deck Gate

This custom-ordered gate matches the TimberTech Rail

Or would this be an opportunity to do something just a bit different to create an artistic statement or accent?

Matching Deck Gate

Privacy wall gate in Fiberon Horizon

Wrought Iron Gate

Custom-designed and built metal gate

Lastly, once you know what you want, it is time to get a price, and see if the cost fits within your budget.

  • As a generic guide, a basic pressure treated or vinyl gate might cost between $250-500.
  • A wrought iron or aluminum gate may range from $400 to $1000.
  • Lastly, a custom-fit, matching gate can often cost $500 to over $1500 installed.

 One thing to keep in mind is that while gates should be discussed during the planning stages, if budget dictates or your needs change, they can usually be added at a later date rather simply.


About BreyerConstruct
Hi! I'm a deck designer that works with our small family-owned residential remodeling company. I've found that the industry of decks is growing quickly, and there are a TON of new products introduced each year, and many new rules to go along with them. Unfortunately, there are some poor quality products out there as well (not to mention unscrupulous builders!). I enjoy researching products- getting to know the manufactures and "cutting edge" innovation of this industry, and I have found that this passion for the Deck industry has allowed me to better serve our client's needs... which brings me personal satisfaction.

2 Responses to Gate Thoughts for Your New Deck…

  1. Mike says:

    Do you have the part number of the Trexx pool gate? I could not find it on the Trexx site.

    Thank you

    • BreyerConstruct says:

      I’m not aware of a specific Trex “pool gate” part number.
      I’d recommend confirming with a local supplier who stocks Trex, and see if they can assist. If you need a local contact, start here:

      Best wishes,

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